Полная Версия: Сборник исправлений ошибок
Энтузиасты уже клепают сборники багфиксов. Если кому надо:
This is a compilation of fixes available on the Nexus, merged into one esp. As a general rule, this patch is for fixes only — not improvements. A fix will in most cases only go in here if it's broken in the game, not if it's just a bit naff and could do with a brush up. However, if a mod is more of a small tweak that improves immersion in some way and 'should have been in vanilla', I will consider including it.
Сборник багфиксов обновился до версии v0_05.

Тем временем, проснулись разрабы и обещали всякого. В частности — новый патч для ПК уже в начале следующей недели.

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We wanted to give you guys a heads-up regarding the latest progress on Fallout: New Vegas updates.

We’ve come up with solutions for the Xbox 360 save issue folks are reporting, along with a number of other issues being reported. We’re currently running final testing and certification on a comprehensive patch for all three platforms (PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3), so we’ll have something available in the coming weeks. When we have more details, we’ll let you know.

In the meantime, an incremental update for PC should be going up by early next week that will fix the save corruption issues and problems with companions, as well as improve performance for NVIDIA users and resolve some issues reported with Havok.
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