Полная Версия: Кооператив в Тактиксе
Есть ли в Тактиксе вообще кооператив?
Если есть, то как его запустить на версии от "7 волка" (1.13 кажись)? Может его пропатчить? А патч станет на пиратскую?
Что есть кооператив? Совместное прохождение компании? Если да, то нет :)

з.ы. патч станет куда угодно, потом может понадобиться ноу сиди.

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about the question if the patch 1.27, the ONLY path that correctly works in GSA with no "fatal" bugs like OOS (Out Of Sync= de-synchronisation).

- I had a problem with my version 1.13 from Moscower Pirates, God bless them, FOT for like 10 rubel rocks!!!!! :D

The problem was: the patch installation wizard did not see FoT 1.13 instaled on my PC, just did not detect it :(

If you get the message like "Could not locate Fallout Tactics Installation on your PC" then you have the same problem.

----------------------HOW TO FIX IT-------------------

The reason why the Installer doesnt see the game on your PC is that the regestry entry is not there or is uncorrect, you CANNOT fix this problem by re-install of your pirate version.

In order to fix the problem

Open Wordpad, copy following shit between the lines:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\bos.exe]
"Path"="c:\\games\\FOT\\Fallout Tactics"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\14 Degrees East\Fallout Tactics]

Attention! In the line 4 you must type the actual path of YOUR BOS.exe file!

Usually it is by default something with “14deegrees east/blablabla”, but in my system it is C:\\games\\FOT\\BOS.exe - you can find this in the lines 4, 5,

So, what you must do is copy all, paste in your file, and replace MY BOS.exe path with YOURS.

The same in the line 5, you must type in the path of the folder where the BOS.exe file actually is.

The structure must be kept! That includes that you should keep the line 6 empty!

After this you save the file as 123321.REG

Type the name manually in, it must be 123321.REG, not 123321.txt!!!!!!

Then just double click on the new .reg file. U must see message like “Registry successfully updated”. If you don’t, u did something wrong.

It worked by me, it should also work on your system if you do everything right ;)

bolshoy privet Fury who helped me to fix this problem.
Zmey peredvin pojaluysta moy troubleshooting v troubleshooting, v Coop-e on ne po mestu ya dumayu :( sorry for noticing it just now and not before.
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