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Hello guys!

There is a new cool gamestyle on GSA (and not only on GSA, guys from Fallout Battle Net = FBN play it too!)

This is so called "NEW RPG", the most realistic online fallout gamestyle ever known.

here is the link, read about it! The people who have already played it say that its awesome!


shortly, what u have to be able to do in order to play it:

1. UNDERSTAND ENGLISH!! ( if you understand this text, then you re good enough!)

2. Download and install maps!

3. make custom characters

4. go to the site in order to get to know when the next round is, and join by IP then (you get the IP and the date of the next game on the site too!)

well, i will not waste my time trying to explain what it is, just LOOK ON THE PAGE, its worth looking!

have fun, hope to see som of you in this new style!

if you got some questions that are NOT answered on the site, ask here!

ps: Zmey, dont waste ur time translating this, cuz anyway, only the guys who got good skills in english will be able to play this style!
thx 2 Fallen!

ps: Zmey, dont waste ur time translating this, cuz anyway, only the guys who got good skills in english will be able to play this style!

Хорошо, не буду. Сюда так же можно писать свои впечатления об этой игре. Мне, человеку без свободного времени, будет например интересно вас послушать... и думаю что не только мне.

ok Zmey, here my first impressions, i had two games by now..

1. first of all- in each game are like 25-30 players!!!!!!! i NEVER seen such a big game before! the high number of palyers makes it much more realistic then the oldschool FOT RP

2. the storylines and quests that are being made by the project leaders (KoNeO and Avia) are amazing: every game there is something new happening in the town. before the games you can even read a short story on the site (in NEWS) about what will happen in the next game. like the last time it was a slaver guild which came to town and tryed to enslave some people, one of my chars got killed by them trying to escape, so me and the city guards (police) searched for the slavers in the desert, found them and killed them :)

the first time i palyed i had accidentally found a deathclaw cave in the desert, and the DC boss gave me a quest- kill a girl named Ren Winters. so i found her, told her to come with me in the desert cuz there was some man who knew her grandfather, so she came with me and i killed her so that noone could see (because you may not kill people in the town without getting wanted by police)

3 ..but at start it sucks and is boring cause you are new and dont even have stuff..getin started takes time, because the merchant and the eldar have to give all the recorded stuff (look at the page what that is if you dont know) to the palyers at start of each game. so, everyone must first stand in line and wait for their inventory.

the eldar talks to the new people then, and answers their questions, gives them directions, and heals them if they are hurt

4. some people already building some houses for themselfes(if you dont know what im talkin about then read the site), there is also already the first mafia syndicate in a bunker, everyone whos gangstaH can come there and get a criminal job.

its pretty fun if you know how to get cool quests and/or follow the main plot of the story- the eldar makes the main plot, but there are also some side plots...complicated shit, as already written, much more realistic and interesting then the normal RP..and the main diffrence to the normal oldschool rp is- there is MUCH less killing, because you get REALLY hard troubles if you just kill everyone like people used to do in old RP.

so, generally- the project is on the best way and got many fans, JOIN IT!


ps: for newbie questions about FOT online go to www.fot-community.tk
мда... скоро дойдет до того, что я сам это попробую. Прочитал то, что сказал Fallen, и очень захотелось... жаль времени нет :(
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